10 underrated blogs you must give a chance to

1. Dear Photograph

When I first saw this blog it reminded me of how I felt when I first saw Post Secret – I felt really privileged to learn an interesting and personal story, and sometimes I felt I could relate to it on a very real level. Dear Photograph is just perfect. I had to list it first.

2. Pictures of People Scanning QR Codes


3. Parislemon

Parislemon is written by former TechCrunch journalist MG Siegler. Siegler left TechCrunch to work with his former boss Michael Arrington at CrunchFund, and now writes for PandoDaily. He always has a strong stance on whatever topic he writes about, and he’s not afraid to call others out. As a fellow blogger I’m particularly fascinated by his choice to not include comments on his blog and how this seems to win him fans and at the same time really really annoy others. The comments/no comments thing is a continuing conversation worth following, along with the rest of his content.

4. Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Freddy Mercury and Elton John?


Bear Grylls and Jake Gyllenhaal?

Color me following.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together basically is just pictures of famous people hanging out, but some are particularly awesome.

5. The Today Show

The Today Show really gets it. They show you just enough of a snippet of a news piece to intrigue you enough to click through and watch the whole thing. If you missed watching the show that morning, you can get a sense of the top stories by following their Tumblr and pick which ones you want to actually watch on their main site. Well done!

6. Newsweek

Newsweek is another “traditional” news organization that does a great job with Tumblr. Social Media Editor Brian Ries offers a funny and personal voice to the Tumblr. One of my favorite things in Newsweek’s Tumblr is when they bring back an old magazine cover to look back on something that happened 10 or 15 years ago today. (Remember this?)

7. Halloween or Williamsburg

“My mom always told me, ‘The best makeup makes it look like you have no makeup on at all. But I hate her, so this is my face now.”

Halloween or Williamsburg poses a critical question: Are these kids dressed up for Halloween, or are they just hanging out in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn? My fellow Bostonians are familiar with this same quandary, as pretty much the same mustache and American Apparel enthusiasts can be found in Allston, Somerville or Central Square and also within a half mile radius of the Berklee School of Music…sprinkled of course among of sea of J. Crew, Sperry Topsiders and Ray Bans. My city is a vision to behold.

8. Perez Hamilton

Perez Hamilton is Perez Hilton’s blog, only as though it were written in the 1700’s. Hilarity ensues.

9. Soup

Soup is written by Anthony De Rosa, the sickeningly talented Social Media Editor for Reuters. He’s the personification of the phrase “digital storyteller” – with equal attention appropriately given to each aspect of the phrase. The NY Times crowned him “King of Tumblr.” According to Compete.com, Soup is in the top 25 of over 2.3 million Tumblr blogs.

10. Rules for My Unborn Son

It’s like the people behind Brotips.com grew up, got all gentrified and monogrammed towels on us and started offering some seriously endearing wisdom in Rules for My Unborn Son.

Let us know in the comments if you have any blog ideas.


Why I think spiderman 2 is the best live action spiderman movie yet.

So as the name suggests, I can speak on anything interesting or fascinating.

With the new spider-verse movie doing so well critically and financially, I thought of rewatching all the spiderman movies. I came to a conclusion that spiderman 2 was the finest one, and here’s why.

We’ve all seen atleast a few superhero movies, and I, being a comic book nerd, seemed to note that all of these movies showed the glorious and honest lives of a superhero, but never the struggles of leading a double life. Spiderman 2 changed that.

Peter had dented his friendship with Harry because he had to keep his identity a secret, and a promise that he made to Norman Osborn. He loved Mary Jane, but couldn’t do anything about it, because he was scared about the consequences of her knowing his secret. He failed classes, lost jobs, failed to pay rent and failed to maintain relationships because, you guessed it. The entire movie shows us the sacrifices made by Peter. Halfway through the movie, Peter decides to lose the mantle of spiderman.

This change in his life is not shown for 2 or 3 minutes, with Peter bouncing back as spiderman the minute he saw crime. This change lasted for almost 30 minutes! This was about a quarter of the movie! He wanted to live a normal life, he wanted to love someone with no compromise whatsoever, he just wanted to feel like a regular American person again.

His return to being a hero also has been justified in the best way possible- a burning building. If you’ve seen the first movie in this trilogy, you may realise that no matter what, Peter can’t stop from running into burning buildings.

Anyway, Peter seems to struggle with the choice of living the life he wants, or the life thrust upon him by fate. He finally realises that the lives of the thousands of people who depend on spiderman are much more important than Peter himself. This shows that he’s grown to become a mature person, with living life the way a superhero does.

This is why I think that spiderman 2 is the greatest live action spiderman movie to ever hit the screen.

Please Let me know your views and opinions in the comments.